Decks and Patios

Everyone that owns a home wishes for a deck or patio.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, being outdoors and grilling on a patio just brings a sense of fulfillment.  We may all have different reasons for wanting them but the fact is we’d all feel a little better if we had one.

So what is it that about having a designated area outside the home that is so popular?

Let’s first talk about some of the differences between decks and patios.


A deck is usually attached to a home and is raised above the ground.  It is typically made of solid planks with slots for water drainage.  Decks almost always require a permit from the city because of the way they are constructed.  They attach to the home, require footer construction and are raised above the ground level.  All of this is what requires them to be licensed and/or permitted before construction. Another important factor about decks that is worth noting is that decks are usually more expensive than patios.  As stated above they require licensing due to construction methods and this is what drives the cost higher.

Also, because decks are raised above ground level they need to have steps and walkers (or handrails) installed.  All of this can make installing a deck on your property quite costly and time consuming.

Not to worry.  For all those added costs and extra requirements you get a few things in return.  Most importantly the permitting required for construction ensures that you will have a high quality structure added to your home.  This adds a lot of value to the home and if you should ever decide to sell the deck is definitely going to help you out.  Another point (although it’s debatable) is that decks look better and can give the home a unique look.


Usually installed with no need for permits or inspections, patios are often the homeowner’s choice.  A patio is typically installed at ground level or slightly above.  During installation patios are will be made to slope at a down angle to allow water to completely flow off the surface. 

When a patio is installed at the slightly aboveground level they can usually allow room for a small retaining wall.  This wall is made to hold up the outer edges of the patio and increase the structure.  They also allow for creativity.

They can be spaced outward away from the surface of the patio a bit to make room for planters or anything else you might think of.  Patios are typically used by homeowners for these creativity reasons, and rightfully so.

It just makes sense for many people to keep costs lower and give the home that extra spark.  Overall, patios add a touch of softness to a home’s exterior.  And when you’re hosting family get together’ or small parties, a patio is always a crowd pleaser.

Those differences listed above are just a few of the most notable among patios and decks.  The individual installation and creation will most likely be very different.   Each home and each owner wants and needs often vary greatly depending on time, costs and geographic location.

But there’s one thing that’s for sure.  No home is complete without a deck or patio.  So why not install one soon.  The time has never been better for material costs and summer is already here.

We would love to help you find the right materials to fit your wants and needs, so contact us today.