The most important part of any lawn is the fertilization.  Having a good fertilizer is much like having a good foundation for your home.  The opposite can be true as well.  Having a good fertilizer will eliminate many common problems with your lawn. 

In Florida, our yards seem to attract weeds like a magnet.  I hear from many people that this one of the most urgent concerns for homeowners.  Having a problem with weeds that never go away is one that many will deal with in the course of homeownership.

Finding a good fertilizer does require some level of skill though.  Your individual yards needs as well as the season play an important role when deciding which type or brand of fertilizer you need.

There is one common misconception about fertilization.  The fertilizer numbering system is something that many people are aware exists but has different opinions about its use.  This is a problem that many landscapers and lawn care professionals already know.

A good landscaper or lawn care professional will try to educate each homeowner they encounter.  This increases the lawns life and helps to insure the landscapers work. 

On any bag of fertilizer you see at any hardware or lawn care store there is a set of three numbers.  Each of this number s means something different and is important to understand.

The first number on the bag is for nitrogen which makes things green and helps things to grow above ground.  The number you see in the middle is for phosphorous, which is very important for a plant’s root development.  The third number on the fertilizer bag stands potassium.  Potassium helps to protect against drought and plant disease.

Perhaps the most critical thing a person should know about fertilizer when maintaining their lawn is that there is a different fertilizer for each section of the yard.  The lawn will require a different type of fertilizer than the shrubs. 

Trees, flowers, and veggies all also require a different type of fertilizer for the individual applications.  The information you need to decide which type is best for any given area, is usually placed on the back label of every bag. 

The season in which you decide to fertilize your lawn is also another important factor.  Depending on your geographic location this can vary greatly.  However, many professionals will recommend that you fertilize in late spring or summer.

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