Hardscape Landscaping

When you think of landscaping, you probably think of lush green grass full shrubbery and maybe even a sprinkler here and there.  The fact is that hardscape landscaping is just as popular as any other type of lawn care; we just don't recognize it as being landscaping.

Take a look around your home or office.  Everywhere you look is using some type of hardscape landscaping.  Hardscaping seems to be particularly popular among commercial property owners.  But, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a purpose in residential applications.

Many suburban communities like the ones we have all over Florida are famous for their creative use of hardscape landscaping.  The TPC at Sawgrass has seen many forms of this throughout the years.  This is what the televisions like to show the most when the tournament goes to a commercial break.

Hardscape landscaping is beautiful and tough.  This is what makes it an ideal application for property owners, especially owners that own several pieces of property.  

Perhaps the most commonly used material for hardscape landscaping is smaller stone or gravel.  You will see many homeowners that will line their drive or walkways with this material, because it's tough and it looks great.

New York City, better known as The Big Apple, is also known as "The Concrete Jungle."  New York is often portrayed in a light that is favorable and it's skyline is known all over the world.  I think it's safe to say that many of the business owners there know a thing or two about how to make their places look great.  

They all do it using many different hardscaping techniques.  City officials in every city in America use hardscaping to increase the look of the community's.  everything from sidewalks and curb structure can be considered hardscape landscaping.  

But, homeowners usually don't want to see sidewalks or lamp posts running through their yards.  This means that homeowners must be a little more creative.  Thats okay though because hardscape landscaping materials for residential applications are a little less costly. That’s good news right?

So, now that you know a little about this style of lawn care you can make a more informed decision about how to use it for your lawn.  You can even use it as your permanent maintenance plan.  

That's right.  Things like adding gravel or stone across the entire lawn will certainly eliminate the need to break out the mowers this season.  What a relief that would be!

Wood is yet another popular form of hardscape landscaping.  Porches and patios can definitely be major contributors to your lawns look.  They certainly add value to the home so why not use them like they should be.  Yes, they are functional, but they are also important keys to creating the perfect summertime oasis.  

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