Landscaping  Jacksonville fl

Landscaping in Jacksonville Florida is a great way to make you home look great.  Many people that own a home or property of any kind understand the importance of continual maintenance for you landscaping.  Landscaping, like many other home improvement options can be done either on your own or with the help of a qualified professional.

You may notice, especially in Florida that many realtors and companies in the realty business always maintain their landscaping.  This is done for several different reasons, but one of them is more important than the rest.

Perhaps the main reason these companies make sure to pay special attention to landscaping design and lawn care is for the value.  The overall value of landscaping far exceeds its costs.  This is a well known fact among the real estate community and a lot of others in the marketplace.  

Depending on you experience or knowledge of the housing or “Real Estate” market you might have already heard the term “Curb appeal.”  Curb appeal is is the way a home or property looks from the road or curb.

If you are buying a home or even if you are selling a home, there are a few things you should know about first and curb appeal is the most important.  There are some things that a person can do to a home to make it appear more appealing to a buyer.  As a seller these are great inexpensive ways to maintain a great looking home.  

On the top of that list is landscaping.  The costs involved with lawn care are considered to be among the most wise investment a home owner or seller can make.  Of course there are literally a ton of other things a person can do to make his or her home more appealing.

Things like pressure washing, planting trees and especially landscape lighting are some of the most popular choices.  Each of these tasks are low cost, low labor and the return on investment is absolutely great.  For this reason everyone should be thinking about landscaping and curb appeal.

Landscaping is no longer just a way to make your neighbors jealous of your semi-retired lifestyle.  Actually its become more of a hobby and almost a social event for entire neighborhoods and even Cities.  In fact these days you will see websites, forums and entire online communities built around landscaping.  And of course with the rise of social media, lawncare even has its own social network.

While many professionals in the lawn care business and the housing market might think that all of this added socializing is “bad for business,” we tend to disagree, and I’ll tell you why.

When people can manage to gather together and focus on one main topic for discussion, great things can happen.  This has been apparent for years, but why does this matter for landscapers?  Landscaping is a business, and like any business that operates in total transparency and honesty, we love to have customers that have a general knowledge of things.  This helps us to better create a clear picture of what they want because they can tell us in words that we both understand.  Of course there are many other reasons we love the socializing, but this is our favorite for the time being.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them for us below.  If you just want to talk about landscaping or anything that goes along with it, you can contact us for that too, we would love to hear from you.