Pressure Washing

Have you ever considered what your home might look like if it never rained?  What about if it always rained?  Probably not.  Most people don’t think about things like this on a daily basis, but maybe you should consider it from time to time.  I’ll bet the true answers would surprise you.

The fact is, whether it rained constantly or if it never rained, the results to your homes appearance would be quite devastating.  The rain and sometimes the lack of rain play a critical role in why your home appears to be dirty or dusty.

Pressure washing your home from time to time will help to keep this from happening.  Some people already know exactly why a pressure washing helps your home to be better looking but most don’t understand the other benefits a simple washing can have.

I talked about a home that appears dirty or dusty in the above paragraph.  The keyword to focus on there, is “appears.”  Just because you home looks dirty or dusty outside does not actually mean that it is.  Unfortunately, appearance can mean a lot, especially if you are buying or selling that home.

Buying and selling a home are not the only times when the appearance of a home matters though.  In fact the appearance of your home can have an affect on many things.  This is all relative to curb appeal.  Maybe you understand this and maybe you don’t.  Either way curb appeal is what your home looks like from the street, or the curb.  

Its the affect it has on people passing by the home that matters.  This effect can make or break a home sale.  But it can also have an affect on the entire town.  The fact is no one wants to live or even visit a town where no one cleans their house, right?  Obviously this can make the housing market in any given area fall dramatically.

Fortunately pressure washing your home is cost effective.  People in Real Estate or the housing market would say that pressure washing a home has a great ROI, or “return on investment.”  And they would be right.

Pressure washing your home is a great way to maintain the value of that home.  There are many other ways to increase curb appeal and keep your costs low.  Pressure washing seems to be the most popular though.  Possibly for good reason, pressure washing a home requires very little time and usually only one or two tools.

There are not many other methods to improve a home’s value in a short amount of time with very little tools that can be done on an average budget.  This is why pressure washing a home is so popular among investors.  

While this may sound easy to do, you should still consider talking with a professional first.  Pressure washers are very powerful and dangerous machines.  They blast water through a hose out of a small tip at an alarming rate of speed.  

Before you try to take on a job like this, give us a call. Let us advise you on the proper chemicals, spray tips, and other gear for your individual needs.