Roof Cleaning

Proper roof cleaning is important for many reasons.  Your home’s roof is an important factor to the look of the home.  It’s also a key element in the structure.  Without the roof a home would be a very different thing indeed. 

The roof is your first defense against the outside elements.  Cold temperatures, the hot sun and torrential rain are all kept at bay by this one thing.  Yet for some reason the roof seems to be looked over the most when it comes routine home maintenance.

Monthly inspection of your home’s roof can protect you against potential disasters.  Cleaning the roof on a normal basis can protect against things like tree limbs that have fallen or even water that puddles on the roof.

Both of these things can cause added weight to the roof therefore causing unnecessary damage.  Water that is left for long periods of time will allow algae to grow on the surface of the roof.  Once the algae starts to grow it can take over the whole roofing system and if you’re not careful it can even find its way inside the home itself.

One of the best methods to clean your roof is to use a pressure washer.  A pressure washer can even cut through some algae that have settled.  Pressure washing the roof must be done with a delicate touch though.

A pressure washer has many settings and the wrong one will cause more harm than good.  Paying extra attention to the tip of the pressure washer is the first thing you should do.  You can find special tips for cleaning a roof if one is not provided with the washer itself. 

The wrong tip can tear roof shingle right off in an instant.  Other tips may blast a hole in the shingle that is not noticeable immediately.  This type of hole will allow water to creep down in, under the shingle adding even more weight to the roof.

These are just a few of the common problems you may encounter when cleaning your homes roof.  Of course there are many different types of roofs and even more types of materials.  Because of the importance placed on your roof it is most likely under some type of warranty.

Before cleaning be sure to contact the roofer or the company that provided the materials.  This will give you the proper knowledge to move forward without causing damage.