Sprinkler Systems

One of the most important factors in maintaining a beautiful lawn is a good sprinkler system.  Without a sprinkler system a lawn is much more difficult to care for, especially during the hotter parts of the year.

But, having a sprinkler system does require some work and a good bit of responsibility.  What you need to think of most when caring for your lawns watering needs is a drought.  Often times when you live in a place like Florida you will be asked to water your lawn only during certain times.

Usually, City officials set these times as a way to save water and in reality save you money.  Listening to these rules and abiding by them will ultimately save you a lot of grief.  Maybe you’ve seen this type of thing happen before. 

Usually, this takes place during the summer months and doesn’t tend to last very long if everyone does his or her part.  This is part of the reason I stated above that your sprinkler system will carry some responsibility. 

Homes with automatic sprinkler systems tend to use fifty percent more water than homes without a system.  Fifty Percent!  That’s a lot of wasted water for no real reason.  This can be avoided with a little knowledge.

Here are some things to think about.

Inspect your system. 
Check for missing, broken or clogged parts. 

Inspect all the connections.
Every single connection has the potential for leaks.  Inspecting these connections daily will result in less wasted water and more money in your wallet.  However, this has to be a daily routine.  The potential for leaks is great and therefore can happen at any minute.  Combine that with the fact that the tiniest leak can result in several Gallons of wasted water and you’ve got a disaster on your hands.

Direct the system.
Your home’s lawn is not perfect.  It has high trouble spots and it has low trouble spots just like anything else does.  Therefore, some areas of the lawn will require more attention and watering than other areas do.  Keep this in mind when setting up the direction of your sprinkler head.

Another important factor when deciding on direction is the areas outside of your own property.  Often times people will setup the systems perfectly for the trouble areas of their lawn and never think about where the spray goes afterwards. 

Just because you have completely covered you trouble spot doesn’t mean that you have the direction set perfectly.  Sprinkler heads have a broad spray and can cast large areas that that have no need for watering.  Some examples of this are the areas like, the sidewalk, the street and even your neighbor’s lawn.  There is nothing worse than getting a knock on your door from a disgruntled neighbor informing you that you have sufficiently watered the interior of his new car.

We should definitely not leave out the importance of programming your system.  All the same rules that apply to the rest of the system also apply to programming.  This is a little different because its electronic.

However, it still requires inspection of all parts and connections.  Doing a proper inspection on the electrical part of the system has all the same benefits that the normal areas do.  So, why not do it?

Most of all, be sure to check the system for correct timing.  Scheduling the dates and times for watering will also save you lots of money and grief.  Many systems allow for seasonal scheduling.  If your system works this way be sure to check it and set it appropriately.  For any additional help, feel free to contact us today.